'CLAIM-it' is a new application that allows easy generation and submission of claims that are valid per the NHIS validation protocols. The application seeks to tackle the inefficiences in claims generation, collation and storage for both providers and the NHIA.

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The CLAIM-it claims generation system is a software that serves as a platform which allows health providers credentialed by the National Health Insurance to generate and submit claims. It implements and enforces all the necessary claims generation rules and protocols of the NHIS. Hence all claims submitted for reimbursement are validated by the software, ensuring due diligence prior to claims submission.

The application runs fully offline allowing users to interact with the Internet only where necessary for the purposes of system updates and claims submission.

The application can be installed and operated on a single user computer or implemented as a network application with as many user nodes as needed. It can also be integrated into any existing Hospital Health Management System (HMS).

Claims are submitted electronically by downloading and saving claims on a flash drive for later submission or submitted directly to NHIS over the Internet. The application also has a printing feature for the printing of claims where necessary.

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Top 6 Benefits of CLAIM-it!

Reduction in claim generation errors

Reduction in cost of claims generation and submission

Reduction in cost of claims storage

Availability of claims data for decision making and reporting

Imporoved claims processing time

Improved communication on claims processing

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